Discover : The Valley of the Golden Mummies – Egypt

Discovered The Valley of the Golden Mummies – Egypt

Golden Mummies : The Valley of the Golden Mummies is a huge burial site in the Western Desert at Bahariya Oasis of Egypt, to the Greco-Roman period (332 BC -395 AD) marks the end of Persian rule over Egypt .

Discovered by Zahi Hawass and his Egyptian team in 1996 , roughly two hundred fifty mummies approximately two thousand years old were recovered over the period of several seasons.

Eventually, the excavator further estimated a total of more than 10 thousands mummies.

Golden Mummies
Golden Mummies


Egyptian and Greek elements :

Within the heterogeneous body which means this term used to describe different genetic mechanisms that produce the same or similar phenotypes of Greek mythology, incorporating myths, legends, and folk tales, there are some elements which seems to be non-Greek.These are derived from Mesopotamia , Asia Minor, Syria, or Egypt. In some cases a myth connected with the ritual has become attached to a Greek .

A folk tale generally traveled from the long way before reaching the Aegean world. There was also migration of art motifs, often accompanied by a story but generally serving as decoration on some incredible things. Then the Greeks were invented a tale to fit this design.

Generally the amalgamate of Greek and Oriented religious rites of artistic as a picture on something occurred not in Greece, but rather in areas of the Near East in which Greeks had settled.

These Greeks were similar , to some degree at least, with the art and religion of the people among whom they lived. not often the action seems to have been taken by the eastern peoples which were not by the Greeks.

Golden Mummies
Golden Mummies

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