The White City: A Mystery Lost “City of the Monkey God” Discovered in Honduras

White City of Honduras :

The White City is a mythical lost city in eastern Honduras with white structures and a golden effigy of a monkey god in the middle of an impenetrable jungle. In 2015, an alleged discovery of its ruins sparked a heated debate that continues to this day.

The story revolves around terrifying mysteries, such as the strange deaths of its discoverers. According to the Pech Indians, the city was created by the gods and is cursed. Another related folktale tells of mystical deities that are half human and half spirit. The citadel is also known as the “City of the Monkey God”. It is expected to be found in the La Mosquitia area of ​​the Caribbean coast of Honduras.

The White City: Brief Review of the Legend

The history of the White City can be traced to Pech Indian traditions, which describe it as a city with massive white pillars and stone walls. It must have been built by the gods, who must have carved massive stones. According to the Pech Indians, the city was abandoned because of the “spell” of a powerful Indian.

The Honduran Pius Indians also speak of Kamasa, a sacred city dedicated to the ape god. It will include monkey effigies and a huge golden statue of the monkey god.

The legend was amplified during the Spanish Conquest. The Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who led an expedition that led to the fall of the Aztec Empire and brought large parts of what is now mainland Mexico under the rule of the King of Castile in the early 16th century, recognized the statue, a large Mentioning the amount of gold in the citadel. He searched the jungle but never found the White City.

The White City: A Mystery Lost "City of the Monkey God"

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The Discovery of Theodore Morde and His Unexpected Death

It seems that Morde discovered the walls, which had yet grown to a decent size. Since the Chorotegas were “very skilled in stone work”, it is quite possible that they built the mosque right there.Morde makes an interesting comparison between the prehistoric mono-god and Hanuman, a monkey god in Hindu mythology. He said they were really similar!

The explorer also mentions the “Dance of the Dead Monkeys”, a sinister religious ceremony performed (or performed) by the natives of the region. This ceremony is considered particularly unpleasant because the monkeys are first hunted and then burned.

According to local legend, the monkeys are descendants of the Ulux, half-human and half-spirit creatures with bodies resembling monkeys. Monkeys were slaughtered to drive away these dangerous creatures (according to folklore they would still live in the jungle).

Morde received no more funding to pursue his investigation, and soon after was found dead at his parents’ home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, on June 26, 1954. Morde was found hanged from the shower stall, and his death was ruled a suicide. by medical examiners. His death sparked conspiracy theories about a deliberate assassination by covert US government officials.

While many theorists later claimed that evil forces were behind his death. However, some later reports stated that Morde was hit by a car in London “shortly” after visiting Honduras. What deadly secret will the White House have to kill a potential discoverer?

The White City: A Mystery Lost "City of the Monkey God"

Reported discovery by National Geographic

In February 2015, National Geographic published that the ruins of the White City had been discovered. However, this information is considered misleading and has been criticized by various experts. If it was the famous lost city, it must have had some mythological allusion to it, such as the giant golden monkey – which has yet to be discovered. What was discovered was just one of the countless ruins of a mosque.

Despite National Geographic’s recent controversial discovery, Honduras’s White City remains an unsolved historical mystery. It may be just a story, yet Indians describe it vividly. Twentieth century explorations have resulted in the discovery of many ancient ruins in the Honduran Mosquito.

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