Ancient bloodsucker – The Secret of a womanish “bloodsucker” Skeleton was accidentally exhumed in Europe

Ancient bloodsucker – The skeleton of a womanish “Vampire” was accidentally exhumed in Europe

The conception of a bloodsucker spirit, or demon consuming mortal meat has been told in the tradition and reports of nearly every civilisation throughout the centuries.

One of the foremost vampiric delineations stems from cuneiform textbooks by the Akkadians, Samarians, Assyrians and Babylonians, where they appertained to satanic numbers similar as the Lilu and Lilitu.

Archaeologists in Poland were excavating a tomb from the 17th century. Meanwhile, he found a grave, seeing which he was stunned. Among them was the skeleton of a woman with toothpicks on both sides of her neck, which are used to harvest crops. The motive behind this was that if the woman survived after death, her head would be chopped off with a toothpick and left in the grave.

They were described as the revenants of evil beings, self-murder victims, witches, corpses held by a malignant spirit or the victim of a vampiric attack.

During the 18th century, shark sightings across Eastern Europe had reached its peak, with frequent inhumations and the practice of staking to kill implicit revenants. This period was generally appertained to as the “ 18th- Century bloodsucker Contestation ”.

Ancient bloodsucker

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Ways to Avoid Vampires

Ancient bloodsucker

Until the 17th century, throughout Poland, people believed to be vampires had fangs buried in their throats. This tradition continued. Professor Doris Polinski said that the teeth were often applied to hands and feet, or crushed with stones.In addition, several graves have been found in Poland that used other anti-vampire techniques, such as driving metal spikes into skeletons. The woman whose skeleton was found had teeth-like arms attached to her legs, which means she could not get up.

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