The “Red-haired” giants in Lovelock, Nevada

The “Red-haired” giants in Lovelock, Nevada:

A Native-American tribe that inhabited parts of Nevada had a legend about their ancestors and a race of red-haired, white giants that they told to the area’s early white settlers. These giant creatures are described as “si-te-kah”. Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, was the daughter of a Paiute Indian chief, as per the story in her book “Life Among the Paiutes” which is published in 1882.

These “giants” are described as vicious, unfriendly, and cannibalistic. Despite their modest numbers, the Si-te-kah posed a serious threat to the Paiutes, who were just beginning to establish themselves in the region.

The “Red-haired” giants in Lovelock, Nevada

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Where the first “Red-haired” giants were  found :

Lovelock Cave in Nevada first attracted the attention of archaeologists in 1924, thirteen years after miners began harvesting the bat guano that had grown on its floor. Dried bat guano is a natural fertilizer traditionally used in organic gardening.

Legend has it that a great battle ensued, the Paiute surrounded and forced the giants down into a tunnel system, piling leaves over the entrance and setting it on fire with flaming arrows, resulting in their extinction in the site that is now known as Known as Lovelock Cave.

This account has been ignored by modern historians and anthropologists as fiction and an allegorical myth, but some have argued that the archaeological evidence suggests otherwise.

Archaeologists discovered thousands of objects inside this cave in the early twentieth century, leading to lengthy excavations and speculation that the Paiute legend was true.

The “Red-haired” giants in Lovelock, Nevada

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