Egypt asks back the “Rosetta Stone” that tells the secrets of the mummy

British took Rosetta Stone 222 years ago –

Egypt has asked back the Rosetta Stone, which tells the secret of the pyramid and the mummy, which is included in the wonders of the world. About 2200 years old Stone was taken to England by the British 222 years ago. The Stone on display at the British Museum is the most visited artifact by visitors.

Due to the ‘Stone’ weighing about 760 kg, today the world has been able to understand the hieroglyphic language of Egypt. It has the same message written in three different languages, one of which is also a hieroglyphic language. This language was used by the priests of ancient Egypt and most of their religious texts were written in it.

The Stone is a broken part of a bigger stone slab . It has a message sculpted into it in 3 different languages. It was an important indication that helped experts learn to read Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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Rosetta Stone discovered in 1799 :

Due to the discovery of the ‘Rosetta Stone’, the translation of the Hieroglyphic language, which had disappeared 1400 years ago, became possible. This stone was first discovered by Napoleon’s army in 1799 in the city of Al-Rashid in Egypt. The British used to call it Rosetta Town, by whose name this stone is known today. Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass will next month petition the British Museum to return the Rosetta Stone.

The royal order for the coronation of the new king is written on the stone
A royal order dated 196 BC is written on the it in three different languages, referring to the coronation of a new king. On the basis of this, linguists told the language of the Pharaohs of Egypt to the world.

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