Researchers Identify a ‘Fearsome Dragon’ With 23 feet Wingspan That Soared Over Australian Outback

Researchers Identify a ‘Fearsome Dragon’ With 23 feet Wingspan That Soared Over Australian Outback :

Fearsome Dragon
Fearsome Dragon

Fearsome Dragon : Largest flying reptile has been discovered in Australia a Pterosaurs is an extinct clade of flying reptiles with was estimated seven-meter wingspan that fly high like a Fearsome dragon above the ancient, broad midland sea once covering up of outback Queensland.

Tim Richards the PhD candidate of University of Queensland led to a research team that examine a fossil of the Fearsome Dragon jaw full of awful jagged teeth.

Even though they’re not technically dinosaurs themselves, pterosaurs to sail or hover in the air often at a great height over their heads for 100 of millions of years. These flying reptiles categorize in size from a cat to a Cessna, and were the first known vertebrates (an animal, bird or fish that has a bone along its back) to evolve Drave flight.

Fearsome Dragon
Fearsome Dragon


What Richards said :

It was the nearest thing which we have ever seen similar to a real dragon.

The new pterosaur, which we named Thapunngaka (represents the largest pterosaur known from the Australian continent ) shawi , would have been a frightening beast, with a sharp-pointed mouth and a wingspan around seven meters.

It was basically a skull with a long neck, leaped on a pair of long wings.

This thing would have been very primitive. It would have cast a great shadow over some fluctuate little dinosaurs who wouldn’t have heard them coming until it was too late.

Richards said that the skull alone would have been just over a meter long, containing around 40 teeth.

Fearsome Dragon
Fearsome Dragon

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