Mystery revealed of Giant Megalodon in new study, 30 million years ago

How did the Giant Megalodon Shark end?

Giant Megalodon Shark Extinction: The megalodon shark is by far the largest shark fish in the world. Thirty million years ago, this fish used to rule the sea. But this fish is now extinct. In a new study, lack of food is believed to be the biggest reason for its extinction.

Berlin: The sea is full of mysteries because about thousands species of fish lived in it .The Great White Shark is one of the most dangerous fish in the world. But about 3 million years ago, another shark used to rule this sea. It was the megalodon shark which was the largest shark species ever. Where the white shark is five meters, the megalodon shark was 16-18 meters. Studies of megalodon’s giant fossilized teeth have shown that megalodon had to compete with great white sharks for food.

A new study claims that a shortage of whales and other fish for both the dreaded predators may have led to the extinction of the world’s largest megalodon shark. Environmental pressures such as sea level changes may also have played an important role. The extinction of the giant megalodon has always been a mystery.

Mystery revealed of Giant Megalodon in new study, 30 million years ago

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How the research happened

There may be many other reasons associated with the extinction of giant megalodon. Such as loss of their habitat and loss of prey due to sea level change. For the new study, international researchers used zinc isotopes from living and extinct shark teeth and these helped them to understand the diet of dead animals. The teeth of both sharks have shown that the food and drink of the white shark and the giant megalodon shark were similar at one time.
Mystery revealed of Giant Megalodon in new study, 30 million years ago

Shortage of food

Both sharks hunted whales, dolphins and porpoises. Scientists believe that environmental pressure and climate change could be a major factor in their extinction. Professor Thomas Tutken of Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz said the evidence could solve the mystery of the giant megalodon’s extinction. The white shark may have survived on less food during times of scarcity, but the megalodon did not survive.

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