The mystery of “1100-year-old Adidas shoes ” has been solved

The mystery surrounding the historic object “With 1,100-year-old Adidas shoes” has been solved :

A 1100 year old mummy with Adidas shoes has been found in Mongolia. This mummy has become a topic of discussion all over the world. Some such things have been found on the body of this female mummy, which the scientist is surprised to see. The things that have been found with the woman have forced everyone to think.

The mystery of “1100-year-old Adidas shoes” has been solved

Shoes found near mummy Scientists found Adidas shoes in the feet of this 1100-year-old female mummy found in Mongolia, everyone was shocked to see it. Let us tell you that Adidas is a German company and is famous all over the world for its foot beer. When the picture of the shoes found near this mummy was released, at first sight it looked exactly like Adidas boot. The red and black colored boots on the feet of the mummy look exactly like Adidas boots.

Death due to sharp attack This mummy found near Altai mountain in Mongolia has forced scientists to think. The discovery of Adidas shoes from the mummy of an 1100-year-old woman is surprising. According to the scientists involved in the research, the woman was hit on the head with a sharp blow, due to which she died.

Things found together are safe and sound Scientists have also found some things along with the female mummy. According to the scientists, when the woman was buried, some things and some clothes were kept in the handbag with her. In which knife, comb, mirror have been found, which is in perfect condition. There is no rust on the knife.

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Scientist engaged in research

Scientific scientists engaged in research found this mummy on the Altai mountain, which is at an altitude of 10 thousand feet from the beach. He got this mummy in the year 2016, after which he started researching it. Scientists believe that when this woman died, her age would have been between 30 and 40.

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