Japanese vaccine against aging will extend life

Japanese vaccine against aging will extend life:

In December 2021, a research team from Japan announced that it had developed a vaccine to eliminate so-called zombie cells. These cells are said to accumulate with age and damage nearby cells, leading to age-related diseases such as hardening of the arteries.

The study showed that zombie cells, also known as senescent cells in the medical field, and arterial stiffness decreased in the parts of the mice that were given the vaccination.

After studying the aging process and aging cells for more than 20 years, researchers have discovered that these cells activate atherosclerosis or other age-related diseases such as diabetes. According to researchers, if we can remove aging cells from the body, we can improve the whole situation with atherosclerosis, diabetes etc.

The findings of the research work conducted by the group were presented in an article that was included in the online edition of the journal Nature Aging.

Senescent cells are cells that have stopped dividing but are not completely dead. By releasing chemicals that promote inflammation, they damage nearby healthy cells.

Japanese vaccine against aging will extend life

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Explained by Tohru Minamino, a professor at Juntendo University and one of the lead researchers :

“This is our main result. We have found a special marker that indicates aging cells and this vaccine works in such a manner that can remove aging cells from the body gives.”

The group discovered a protein that is present in senescent cells in both humans and mice, and then they developed a peptide vaccination based on an amino acid that is a component of the protein.

The vaccine triggers the production of antibodies within the body, which then attach themselves to the senescent cells and cause those cells to be removed by the white blood cells that the antibodies stick to.

Due to the fact that both humans and rodents are susceptible to the same diseases, research was initially conducted on a variety of mouse strains. The average lifespan of a rat is about 2.5 years. But with the vaccine, they lived longer. Now, the ultimate object of their study is man. They want to apply this technology to patients.

Japanese vaccine against aging will extend life

Rats and People from both the easily influenced to the same diseases. But in general, all the same, research should be gradual: first on rats, then on monkeys, and then on humans. There is no need to rush here. But we Will definitely reach people.” Minamino assured.

Furthermore, he noted that there is only one known marker of senescent cells now, but there should be more of them. According to the professor, the ideal scenario is for each patient to have their own unique marker that can be used to diagnose their specific disease.

Therefore, it will be possible to select the appropriate vaccine for each individual case. He emphasized that it was unprecedented innovation that led to progress, which gives you the confidence to look into the future.

We just need to identify a few more markers for aging cells, and we can easily make a vaccine. Antibodies There are already at least a number of ways to fight cancer using … I think we’re pretty close.” said the scientist.

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