Know what is the story of Humpback whale, with 40 Tons weight

Know what is the story of Humpback whale, why so much is being searched on the internet :

Humpback Whale named Moon is currently in terrible pain but despite being in so much pain, he surprised the whole world. Actually, a Humpback whale named Moon is very much discussed on the Internet. It is being told that Moon’s backbone has been broken after colliding with the ship. With which she floats. At this time he is in so much pain that the sound of his pain is heard in the sea.
Moon did wonders when she swam 4828 KM with a broken spine. Despite being in terrible pain, she walked from Canada to the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, a Humpback whale named Moon did such a feat that surprised marine biologists around the world.

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Humpback whale swims with the help of breaststroke:

Scientists who have been watching the Moon for a long time believe that on September 7, 2022, this Humpback whale collided with a ship. Then his picture was taken near northern British Columbia which falls near Canada. After this the whale appeared in Hawaii on 1 December 2022. Which was seen by an NGO working on whales but he was surprised to see its trick. Moon swam 4828 kms with a broken spine.

Know what is the story of Humpback whale, with 40 Tons weight

Scientists have been studying the Moon for more than a decade. In the last decade it was seen near Finn Island. It was healthy then. It was hunting for krill. In the year 2020, she appeared with her child. Scientists from all over the world were happy about this.

She was teaching the child to hunt and live on the breeding ground. But in September, researchers noticed that the Moon’s body had become strangely curved. His aerial photography was done. It was found that Moon’s spinal cord was badly broken. She can’t even swim with the help of her tail.

Scientists say that they cannot even kill Moon by giving poisonous medicine because it will affect other living beings. He believes that now Moon will have to live with this pain. If she was on the ground, she could have been treated but this is not possible.

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