Here’s how Jene Hilliard froze and came back to life!

Jene Hilliard, the miracle girl from Langby, Minnesota, was frozen, thawed, and woke up :

Jean Hilliard was a 19-year-old teenager from Langby, Minnesota, who survived a 22-hour freezing cold snap at −6 °C (−30 °F). At first this story seems unbelievable but it actually happened in rural northwest Minnesota, United States.

Here’s how Jean Hilliard froze solid for more than 6 hours

It was below 20 that night, and he was wearing cowboy boots. At one point, she was completely confused and disoriented to locate her friend’s house. However, after walking two miles, at about 1 a.m., he finally saw his friend’s house through the trees. Then everything went black!

Afterward, people told her to take her to her friend’s yard, undressed, and crawled on her hands and knees to her friend’s door. But in the frosty weather his body became so useless that he fell 15 feet from his door.

Then around 7 a.m. the next morning, when the temperature had already dropped down to −30 °C (−22 °F), Nelson observed with his eyes closed that he was “frozen” after being in such severe cold for six hours. solid” found. , He grabbed her by the collar and threw her onto the porch. However, Jean doesn’t remember any of that.

Here's how Jene Hilliard froze and came back to life!

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The theory behind Jene Hilliard’s miracle comes back to life

Although Jene Hilliard’s recovery was a genuine miracle, it has been suggested that due to the alcohol in his system, his organs were incomplete, leaving his body with no permanent damage in such a fatal condition.

Whereas, David Plummer, professor of emergency medicine at the University of Minnesota, put forth another theory about Jean Hilliard’s miraculous recovery.

Doctor Plummer is an expert in reviving people with extreme hypothermia.

According to them, as a person’s body cools, its blood flow slows, requiring less oxygen during hibernation. If blood flow to their bodies increased at the same rate as their bodies, that could often happen, as Jene Hilliard did.

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