Discover : Krishna’s butterball defies all laws of physics

Krishna’s butterball defies all laws of physics :

Krishna’s Butterball is also known as Vaan Irai Kal and Krishna’s Gigantic Butterball is a gigantic balancing rock, granite-boulder resting on a short slope in the historical shoreside resort town of Mamallapuram in India state called Tamil Nadu.

There is always a thin line between miracle , magic and illusion. While magic and illusion often go hand in hand, miracles are often incomprehensible and baffle the human mind. It is safe to say however, that magic happen for all those who conclude , and for those who don’t believe; it’s all an illusion.

In today’s era ,this giant stone is called “Krishna’s Butterball”. Even though its original name is ” Vaan Irai Kal “.

Krishna's Butterball


According to Hindu mythology:

The indian city of Mahabalipuram apparent in the 7th century ΑD and was the most important port of the Pallava kingdom. Many unique Buddhist temples, monuments, monuments and sculptures have survived here till our time.

Reference to Hindu mythology is the body of myths and literature attributed to, and espoused by, the adherents of the Hindu religion. Lord Krishna had an unappeasable appetite for butter and is famously known for thefting butter from the container of the neighbouring homes.
This habit got him into trouble more commonly than not, and no story about Lord Krishna can be completed without referring to his clever behaviour as a kid.

Krishna's Butterball

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