Discover a 5,000-years-Old Tavern by the Archaeologists

Discover a 5,000-years-old Tavern by the Archaeologists :

A group of archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and the University of Pisa (Italy) discovered a large tavern dating back 5,000 years in Lagash, southern Iraq, using a “surgically” precise excavation method .

In the place, which was a public space for eating and dating from approximately 2,700 BC.Found benches, a kind of clay refrigerator called ‘zeer’, an oven and remains of storage containers, many of which still contained food , details a statement from the US entity published this Monday, explaining that the excavations were They took place in an old urban neighborhood that did not belong to the elite.

According to the researchers, led by Holly Pittman, director of the Lagash project, the finding provides another insight into the way of life of ordinary people who inhabited that part of the world, an ancient settlement in Mesopotamia, some 5,000 years ago. The area has been studied since 1930 by specialists from the American university.

Discover a 5,000-years-Old Tavern by the Archaeologists

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However, the discovery came after multiple rounds of excavations that began in 2019, divided into four seasons. There was a hiatus due to the pandemic, but when the team returned in the fall of 2022 for the latest round of study, they discovered the former food and drink establishment.

For this, the specialists used a system from the Italian university that consists of carrying out the excavations by microstratigraphic layers, horizontally,” as if a veritably careful surgery were being performed,Explanation by the Pittman, stating that in order to shovel more effectively, State of the art methodologies are being employed, including drone photography,  magnetometry,thermal imaging, and micro stratigraphic sample.

Archaeologists point out that Lagash was a place of great political, economic and religious importance , as well as an area with easy access to fertile land, where people engaged in intensive handicraft production. “At over 450 hectares [4.5 km²], Lagash was one of the largest deposits in southern Iraq during the third millennium,” Pittman said.

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