Chinese General Koxinga Seizes The Island Of Taiwan

Chinese General Koxinga Seizes The Island Of Taiwan – On Feb 1, 1662

On February 1, 1662, The Chinese General Koxinga captured the island of Taiwan after a Seizes of nine months. Koxinga (1624–1662) was a Chinese military leader regarded as a pioneer and freedom fighter. Some consider him a pirate of the army.

Chinese General Koxinga was born in a small Japanese littoral city to a Japanese mama and a Chinese father. At a youthful age, Koxinga showed a particular fondness for history and military discourses written by the notorious military proponents Sun Tzu and Wu Chi.

Through studies, he devoted his time to the trades of swordsmanship, archery and horsemanship. It was a logical consequence that he would one day become a great military leader.

Chinese General Koxinga Seizes The Island Of Taiwan

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In 1661, Koxinga landed on Taiwan near the main Dutch fort at Anping( near present- day Tainan) with a force of over,000 men. The military plan was to attack the Dutch pioneers in Dutch Formosa. In 1652, Taiwanese aboriginal tribes that had allied with the Dutch against the Chinese during the Guo Huaiyi Rebellion turned against the Dutch during the Siege of Fort Zeelandia and abandoned Koxinga’s Chinese army. After a nine-month siege, the small Dutch garrison surrendered and was allowed to safely leave Tainan with their possessions. On February 1, 1662, the Dutch governor of Formosa, Frederick Coyet, surrendered Fort Zeelandia to Koxinga.

Koxinga followed this military success by establishing an effective civil administration in Taiwan and settling the islet with his colors and deportees from Fujian. still, his grand intentions on the landmass and half- hearted plans to oust the Spaniards from the Philippines were cut short by his unseasonable death in June 1662.

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