Ancient Giant Skeletons of Human Nagas and Snakes Discovered!!

Ancient Giant Skeletons of Human Nagas and Snakes Discovered- In Thailand’s local Khao Khanap Nam cave, group of experts made a rather strange discovery. As you can see from the photos attached here, the skeleton of what appeared to be a 20-foot giant was found here, along with the remains of what looked like a giant snake.

The KBTV news channel reported on it when the discovery was made, also mentioning that the Krabi area where the remains were found was also home to several other astonishing archaeological discoveries, such as the world’s first undiscovered primate having been found long ago.

Ancient Giant Skeletons of Human Nagas and Snakes Discovered

Ancient Giant Skeletons of Human Nagas and Snakes Discovered 

Known as Simaopithecus Eocaeunus, this somewhat odd specimen, while not directly related to us, is still a 35 million year old fossil that helps us understand the various branches of evolution that led to evolution beyond this primate concept.

However, if we go back to the giants and snakes found here, we can clearly say that this corresponds the story of the Nagas to the end.

This Depicts an ancient story about the rivalry between two men who want to marry the same princess. They sought help from the Nagas, who, according to ancient Hindu texts, were known as magical Serpent.

These Nagas transformed themselves into their strongest forms, turning one of them into a giant and the other into a giant snake. The fight between the two was truly legendary, but they themselves murdered each other before anyone could get back to Princess.

However, many People believed that these Fossils are Fake Because they are not as old as they should be.

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