Ancient bronze sculpture remains rediscovered after 3,000 years

Rediscovered Ancient bronze sculpture remains

Bronze sculpture  : A bronze statue discovered in China’s famous Sanxingdui ruins has been successfully matched with another fragment of a bronze vessel, revealing that it was split about 3,000 years ago, an archaeological team has confirmed. Sophisticated bronze sculpture depicting a human head and body of a snake with bulging eyes, fangs and horns .

Above the head is a bright red trumpet-shaped (an ancient wine jug), and the figure is bound by his hands and a square-bottomed vase-shaped lei (an ancient wine jug). The missing part is that it wears a cloud-patterned skirt and also has strong legs with bird claws that walk on two legs. Archaeologists feel that the figure with human head, body of a snake and claws of a bird may have been an idol of a deity at an earlier time.

Ancient bronze sculpture remains rediscovered after 3,000 years


Ran Honglin , an official at the Sichuan Archaeological Research Institute: “The successful matching of cultural artifacts excavated from different pits confirms archaeologists’ previous predictions.” We hope to bring together as many bronze objects as possible. Ran also said that the combination of the two pieces also suggests that both these pits were formed at the same time.

Originally discovered in the late 1920s , the Sanxingdui Ruins have been called one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century and the world. So far, more than 50,000 bronze objects, gold objects, jade, pottery and ivory artifacts have been unearthed.

Ancient bronze sculpture remains rediscovered after 3,000 years

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