A Mystery of huge oval structure found in Antarctica

A Mystery of huge oval structure found in Antarctica :

Antarctica is the one of the most mysterious places on Earth , possibly because of the absence of humans and because anomalies and strange, possibly man-made structures are often discovered that tell of a very different past on the White Continent, a past that has been shrouded in history. I have not taken into account.

In January 2012, the GeoI-1 satellite photographed a large, potentially artificial structure in the Antarctic ice land. At first glance the odd oval-shaped structure could be classified as the remains of a massive building or even an ancient palace, such as exist on Earth.

A Mystery of huge oval structure found in Antarctica

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A giant palace in Antarctica?

Satellite images revealed a structure that, according to some theorists, looks like a medieval castle or some kind of fortress where members of an ancient civilization or even an alien species that visited Earth in the distant past took refuge.

A possibly oval-shaped artificial structure has been found in Antarctica. It must be said that if this is indeed an artificial construct, it will cause history to be rewritten—undoubtedly a signal issue for historians and mainstream scholars.

Unfortunately because this is Antarctica, independent researchers who might reveal an inconvenient truth to the world don’t have access to investigate beyond what a computer with Google Earth allows. Therefore, we can only see satellite images, in some cases blurred or even modified for one reason or another.

It is also worth clarifying that what is seen in the images may have had natural causes, possibly from melting ice or some other reason. Some experts believe it to be a perfect example of sastrugi, an icy surface that presents many topographic irregularities, carved by sharp and irregular grooves. They are formed by wind erosion, salinity of ice cores, and deposition of fallen snow in both polar and temperate regions.

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