A Giant Anaconda captured in Brazil

A Giant Anaconda captured in Brazil :

The Giant Anaconda  is perhaps the most impressive creature in Brazilian nature. Excessively long, this snake, also known as anaconda, has eyes located on top of the head, which help in observing and searching for prey while they remain in the water. The Giant Anaconda is a constrictor snake, not venomous, which means it squeezes its prey until it suffocates. They usually attack from the depths, and can hunt cattle, alligators and other animals of the same size.

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How big was the biggest Anaconda ever?

The largest Giant Anaconda reached a rare 10 m in length, and weighed around 400 kg. The snake was discovered at a construction site in Brazil, and died after a controlled explosion at the site. Either way, she was killed by humans.

Among the variants of the Giant Anaconda, the biggest one is the green anaconda. An average anaconda, or sucuri, popular name in Brazil, can reach 6 m in length and weigh up to 136 kg. There are other species, such as yellow and Bolivian. Females are generally larger than males.

The men were carrying out some detonations near a cave and they believe the noise was what caused the snake to rise to the surface. They had to use a crane to lift it from where it was.

A Giant Anaconda captured in Brazil

A reverse search of the photos led to a YouTube video posted on October 24, 2017 by the Khmer Traps channel on how to build a bamboo trap to catch a python. The featured image in the preview of the clip is of the man with his back in a hat appearing to throw something at a giant snake, although this scene does not appear in the record ( here ). Around the second 5:00 a location similar to the one shown in the image with the giant reptile, like the tree and the mountains, as well as the clothes that the person in the picture is wearing, is observed.

The videos that were recorded during the process received some criticism from certain people who opposed the fact that the snake was chained during the transfer.

It should be noted that it is still not clear whether the snake actually died during the transfer or that the workers found it already dead.

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