700 years Old Mummy Shocking Claim By The Experts – In China

A Shocking Claim By The Experts – 700 years Old Mummy

700 years Old Mummy : During the road digging in Taizhou city of China, the laborers found such a thing that they were also scared. They could not believe that something like this could come to the fore in the excavation. During the digging, his eyes fell on a box. But how did they know that such a thing would be found in the box.

The laborers started investigating that box, after about an hour they were able to open that box. After seeing it at first sight, they felt that it was someone’s very old grave. The laborers informed the Archaeological Department without delay.

700 years Old Mummy Shocking Claim By The Experts - In China

When the officer of the Archaeological Department investigated it, a dead body kept in water was seen inside it. The officials said that she was not only a dead body, but she had become a ‘mummy’. When the dead body was thoroughly investigated, it was found that it was the dead body of a woman, who was 700 years old.
Not only this, she also had a precious ring on her finger, on the basis of which it was known that she was a woman belonging to the Ming Dynasty family. This dead body was put in a limestone box and kept six feet underground.

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700 years old Mummy was wrapped in silk and cotton :

Wang Weiyin, director of Taizhou’s museum, explained that the 700 years Oldmummy was wrapped in silk and some cotton, but both are difficult to keep in good condition. The excavations found that achieving such spectacular carcass preservation required a technique specifically used in very high-profile burials.

Egypt has been the first choice of archaeologists mostly because of its centuries-old pyramids, mummies and ancient cultures. Egypt also has an important contribution in removing the veil from the mysteries of history.
Researchers estimate that the process of mummification began in ancient Egypt 1,000 years earlier than previously thought. Evidence suggests the process began earlier than previously thought, according to a documentary based on what archaeologists discovered during excavations in Egypt.

700 years Old Mummy Shocking Claim By The Experts - In China

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