Strange 6 Inch Tiny Mummy in the Atacama is an Alien or a human skeleton

Strange Tiny Mummy in the Atacama is an Alien or a human skeleton :

Actually, This Tiny Mummy was discovered in the year 2003 in the Atacama Desert of Chile. It was named Etah. It was discovered by treasure hunter Oscar Muno. Since then this skeleton had twisted the minds of the scientists. Seeing the large skull and strange texture of the skeleton, it was also linked to aliens.

This world is full of strange and mysterious stories. Most of the stories are related to aliens, as claims and speculations have been made about their existence for decades. But the world was shocked when they found a human skeleton of 6 inches.

Know whether it is an alien or the skeleton of a tiny human being from the stories of Lilliput.
Many speculations were made in Chile regarding this skeleton. Some people called it an underdeveloped fetus, some called it a monkey’s fetus, while many people claim that it is a dead alien.

A doctor named Oscar Munoz was in search of historical things when he found this skeleton. According to reports, this strange skeleton was found in Chile on October 19, 2003.

Strange 6 Inch Tiny Mummy in the Atacama is an Alien or a human skeleton

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Scientists solve the mystery of the world’s Tiny Mummy, believed to be alien :

The discoveries of scientists all over the world go on continuously. Sometimes such things are also discovered, which surprise even them, then what to talk about the common man. A few years ago, one such discovery was made of a mere 6-inch skeleton, which surprised people all over the world. It remained a mystery for the last many years that after all whose skeleton is so tiny mummy, of a human or an alien. Earlier this skeleton was believed to be the skeleton of an alien, but now scientists have solved its mystery.

According to media reports, this world’s Tiny Mummy had 10 ribs, while 12 ribs are found in human skeleton. This is the reason why the scientists got confused as to whose skeleton it is, of a human or an alien. A UFO documentary also came in the year 2013, in which the theory of this skeleton being alien was introduced.

However, now scientists have revealed its secret. They say that this skeleton is not of an alien but of a human fetus. Tests at Stanford University and the University of California found that the child had died 40 years earlier, with the embryo found later and raised many questions.

Scientists believe that the reason for the large head and 10 ribs of the skeleton may be some genetic condition, due to which the bones of the fetus developed in a strange way. They also believe that the fetus of the child may be related to premature birth.

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