Strange 5,000-year-old ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs found in Australia

5,000-year-old ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs found in Australia :

The world has proved to be a stranger place than we could have imagined. Recent discoveries have called into question everything we know about the past, and have even begun to cast doubt on the origins of the human race.

In fact, there have been many examples of strange and wonderful things found around the world that continue to challenge what we know as history. These findings range from ancient codes no one can read, to hidden caves with strange carvings and structures that shouldn’t exist. While some of these finds remain a mystery, others have been proven to be much older than previously thought.

There is no known tribe that spoke the language they represent, nor is there any other corroborating evidence that they have any meaning. Nevertheless, their existence clearly shows that there was once a culture that had a detailed knowledge of Egyptian hieroglyphs – and could even speak the Egyptian language – that of New South Wales, Queensland. and flourished here long before the arrival of European settlers in Western Australia.

Strange 5,000-year-old ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs found in Australia


5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs discovered :

Strange 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs were discovered in the Brisbane Waters National Park, near Gosford in the Central Coast region of New South Wales in eastern Australia. This incredible discovery shatters our known history. Either plate tectonics has shifted so dramatically in the past 5,000 years, or our knowledge of the ancient Egyptians is severely lacking. Whatever the case, history seems to be telling the wrong story.

Even more troubling, this isn’t the first discovery that has defied the current historical record, and the records themselves appear to be in dire need of an overhaul.

Strange 5,000-year-old ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs found in Australia

These 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs discovered in Australia may prove that before Christopher Columbus or Zheng He, Egyptians traveled the world. As a result, it may surprise many people to learn that the ancient Egyptians had contact with ancient American civilizations.

The discovery was made in 1992, when a German scientist was conducting tests on some very old Egyptian mummies. Test results found traces of hashish, tobacco, and cocaine in the hair, skin, and bones of the mummies. This may mean that the ancient Egyptians knew about the use of these plants long before anyone else.

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