200 ancient Mammoth skeletons found in Cayuga, Canada

200 ancient Mammoth skeletons found in Cayuga, Canada

Two hundred mammoth skeletons were found five or six feet below the ground, almost all of them in good condition.
The discovery of mammoth skeletons of a mammoth race often comes up in various news articles and media, and therefore we are all the more surprised to learn what race the ancient “mound builders” belonged to.

About a century ago, an article appeared in the Toronto Daily Telegraph stating that two hundred mammoth skeletons had been unearthed, five or six feet below the ground, on the farm of a settler named Daniel Fradenburg, in the township of Cayuga across the Grand River , which were almost all intact in their good condition.

The explorers found a string of pearls around each neck, stone pipes in the jaws of several of them, and several stone axes and skins strewn in the dirt. The mammoth skeletons were huge, some of them even nine feet tall, and some of them less than seven.
Some of the thigh bones were six inches longer than any unusual human skeleton. The farm had been cultivated for over a century and was originally covered with a thick growth of pine. There was evidence from the crushed bones that in ancient times there was a battle on that soil and some of these were killed.

200 ancient Mammoth skeletons found in Cayuga

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Pioneer Society of Michigan, 1915 (Ontario Canada)

Rev. Nathaniel Wardell, Messrs. Orin Wardell (of Toronto) and Daniel Fredenberg , were digging on the farm of the latter gentleman, which is on the banks of the Grand River in the township of Cayuga.

When they reached five or six feet below the surface, they found a strange sight. Stacked in layers, one on top of the other, about two hundred mammoth skeletons of human beings almost complete – each with a string of pearls around his neck.

Several axes and skimmers made of stone were also deposited in this pit. Many of the mammoth skeletons had large stone pipes in their jaws – one of which, Mr O. Wardell took a day or two of locating Golgotha ​​with him to Toronto.

These mammoth skeletons are of men of enormous stature, some of them nine feet in length, very few of them less than seven feet. Some of the thigh bones were found to be at least a foot longer than those currently known, and a skull, being examined, was found to have completely covered the head of a typical individual.

These mammoth skeletons are believed to belong to a pre-Indian race.

largest human skeleton ever found

About three years ago, about six miles from this spot, the bones of a mastodon were found embedded in the earth. The crater and its eerie occupants are now open to the views of anyone who wishes to travel there.

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