In the 1880 Ancient giant skull with ‘horns’ discover by an Archaeological – Sayre 

In Sayre in the 1880s during excavations discovering the ‘horn’ ancient Giant skull :

It was in the late 1880s, a group of scientists were conducting a curious expedition through the Bradd County area of ​​Pennsylvania in the northeastern parts of the state near the New York state line.

The group, which included a Pennsylvania state historian, two professors and members of the hierarchy of the Presbyterian Church, had worked their way to a town called Sayre, where they became interested in a series of burial mounds.

Dr. PG Donehue of the Presbyterian Church and Professors AB Skinner and WK Moorhead of the American Investigation Museum and Phillips Academy in Andover led their group to the first mound to begin a careful excavation.

In the 1880 Ancient giant skull with ‘horns’ discover by an Archaeological

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Painstakingly removing dirt and rocks, the expedition unearthed several male skeletons. The date of burial of these skeletons was estimated to be around 1200 AD. So far, not unusual. But then they measured the remains and looked more closely at structural details. Then it was discovered that the males were over seven feet tall—all of them—a height (in a group) unheard of in ancient times.

But strangest of all, closer examination of the skulls of the mystery males revealed that they had horns—two actual horns—that were an integral part of each skull. Impossible, but they were there. Seven foot giants with horned skulls who died about 800 years ago!

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