Strange 18 Meter long Dragon Skeleton – In China

When an 18 meter long dragon skeleton was found in China, the entire globe was amazed:

In the Chinese kingdom , they set up the shell of a huge 18- meter long dragon skeleton. A stunning finding was filmed on a videotape camera. Videotape with the shell of the dragon for a short period of time viewed further than 10 million people.

The shell of the fairy – tale monster was set up near the megacity of Zhangjiakou. In that case, its remains the dragon look as if not so long ago they still had skin and muscle mass. He has frontal and hinder legs, but no bodies. But, despite this, people are still induced that they really discovered the bones of this fabulous dragon. A dead’ dragon’ has been discovered by residers of a Chinese vill who claim that the crazy shell is evidence that the fabulous critter actually exists.

The 18 Meter long Dragon shell :

The peculiarly long shell measures at least 60ft(18 Meter long Dragon), has two incongruous little’ arms’ protruding out in the centre and a head that looks distrustfully like a cow cranium. It was set up laid out in a field in Zhangjiakou City, in China’s northern Hebei Province.

Unlike dragons depicted in Western tradition, traditional Chinese dragons have no bodies and fly by’ swimming’ through the air much like how snakes slide along the ground. The deconstruction of the strange shell thereby induced some locals that the remains could indeed be a dragon. Footage taken by colorful substantiations at the scene shows dozens of townies girding the suspected dragon remains.

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The townies aren’t sure what to make of the shell, but a superstitious many sounded convinced that they were indeed looking at the remains of the fabulous critter. Netizens on Chinese social media said the ribby shell appeared to have been placed there designedly, maybe as a mount for a movie, but so far no bone has come on to confirm these claims.

Strange 18 Meter long Dragon Skeleton - In China

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